COVID Rehabilitation Centre

under the auspices of
The Dhanvanthri Hospital Society

Making post-Covid care accessible and affordable to affected individuals and families

The need for post-Covid rehabilitation is a pressing issue. The India Covid Rehabilitation Centre provides services directed towards mending lives after Covid.

30% of post-Covid patients show cognitive impairment or psychiatric symptoms

25% of Covid recovering patients need specialised rehabilitation

65% of post-ICU Covid patients report confusion and
69% of them are agitated

At the India Covid Rehabilitation Centre, we aim to tackle these challenges and aid the recovery process to ensure better functioning and wellbeing. Although we have had donations to set up the centre, we need further funding to help with running costs such as employing staff and purchasing assistive technology for rehabilitation.

It is not our patients who are dependent on us, but we who are dependent on them. By serving them, we are not obliging them; rather, by giving us the privilege to serve them, they are obliging us.

– Mahatma Gandhi

A Testimonial:

KV, a 63-year-old lady, living in Bangalore, India tested positive for COVID – 19, developed Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and required ventilator support for 45 days while in an Intensive Care Unit. While on ventilator support, she suffered a stroke, after which she received six weeks of acute neurorehabilitation. KV was then referred to us at the COVID Rehabilitation Centre. She was left with a rare neuropsychological condition, Balint’s Syndrome. It’s a condition that affects visuoperception and can be very disabling. She received rehabilitation to help improve her awareness about her condition and manage other difficulties. Throughout the course of her rehabilitation, KV has grown in her understanding of her condition. She has worked with therapists who provided her with guided practice and compensatory strategies. KV has grown in confidence and is keen to share the lessons she has learnt. She has also conducted interactive life-skill sessions for children and has created her own podcast.

In her own words –
 “My rehab team helped me enter into a new life. They have helped me move towards being more independent.” 

About Us

The Covid Rehabilitation Centre is in collaboration with the Green Oak Initiative, Happy Neuron, and Annasawmy Mudaliar General Hospital, Bangalore. Professor Narinder Kapur, University College London, has provided resources as well as clinical and academic support to help set up the Centre. The aim is to provide affordable post-Covid care to patients with brain complications, post ICU syndrome, long Covid, and to affected families and caregivers.

Our Services

Neuropsychology | Psychiatry | Psychology and Grief Counselling | Speech Therapy | Physiotherapy

Assistive Technology for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation – A new fund is now available:
The Gandhi-Elizabeth Tech Rehab Fund

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