Donors Wall of Honour

Along the lines of the Wall of Honour created by the UK Royal Society of Medicine to encourage and value donations which are received, we have set up a Donors Wall where you can make a donation in memory of a loved one, or in memory of someone who inspired you.

Thank you

Donation Professor Narinder Kapur
21 June 2021

In Loving Memory,
Dwarka Nath Kapur (1910-1993) and Phulan Rani Kapur (1920-1997)

A House Made of Love
Narinder Kapur

You gave us a house
You gave us a home
You both have now gone
And left us alone

The house that we had
When you were not there
Was empty and sad
Was lonely and bare

That house has been sold
To others, it’s home
Young people, not old
For them it’s their own

A fool that I am
For I cannot see
The real house you left
Was a house with no key

A house with no walls
But stronger than steel
A house with no heat
But warmth you can feel

A house made of Truth
A house made of Love
A house made of Hope
A house from Above

That house has no price
That house you can’t buy
That house will live on
Till the day that I die

Donation Malini Maharasingam
25th October 2021

In Loving Memory,
Paramaswary and Sinappu Maharasingam

My Covid Rehab Centre donation of £2000 is in memory of my mother and father, 
Paramaswary and Sinappu Maharasingam, who came to the UK from Sri Lanka.

I thank them for looking after me as best they could and for teaching me the values of hard work and kindness.

They both worked two jobs to bring up my siblings and me and give us an education.

I am indebted to them for this.

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