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Neuropsychology is a discipline in psychology that understands brain-behavior relationships. Our neuropsychological services can be accessed for cognitive, emotional, or behavioral difficulties following Covid or Covid related complications such as stroke. We target common post-Covid symptoms including but not limited to “brain fog”, memory loss, concentration problems, language disorders, visuoperceptual deficits, and difficulties in movement.


We offer a range of services which include assessment and management of common and complex mental health issues associated with Covid such as depression, anxiety, apathy, disinhibition, anger control, and PTSD.

Psychotherapy & Grief Counselling

Following the trauma of losing a family member to Covid, individuals may need counseling and psychotherapy. The goals of treatment and arrangements for how often and how long to meet are planned jointly by clients and therapists. Our psychotherapy services are available both to post-Covid patients and to individuals who have lost loved ones to Covid.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy services are targeted at Covid patients who have developed speech or swallowing issues following a period in ICU or after a Covid-related stroke. Speech therapy helps with language disorders and also with swallowing difficulties.


We offer physiotherapy services to support individuals who require cardiorespiratory support by providing breathing exercises and posture training to increase lung volume and reduce post-ICU weakness. Physiotherapy is also integral in post-stroke motor recovery, a common Covid complication.

The Team


Jwala Narayanan
MA ClinPsych, MSc NeuroPsych (UK)


Dr. Ashlesha Bagadia
MBBS, MRCPsych, Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (FRANZCP)

Dr. Sowmya Krishna

Psychology & Grief Counselling

Ms. Dharani Devi
MA ClinPsych, MPhil ClinPsych, PhD, RCI registered

Ms. Sneha Goyal
MA ClinPsych, MPhil ClinPsych, PhD, CBT Fellow

Clinical Lead

Ms. Apoorva Shetty

Speech Therapy

Vinitha Surya


Dr. Ganesh

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