There is a wealth of information available on Covid and Covid care. We have provided some helpful resources below, all of which are free.

Cambridge Wellbeing Manual
Created by Narinder Kapur, this free manual offers advice and strategies to improve physical and mental wellbeing.
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Cambridge Memory Manual
Created by Narinder Kapur, this free manual covers a range of everyday memory symptoms and how best to deal with them.
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Cambridge Rehab Manual
This free manual includes 10 booklets covering Concentration, Word-finding, Anger Management, Sleep, Fatigue, Study Skills, Getting back to work, Managing Stress, Families caring for confused individuals, Ward staff caring for confused patients.
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Grief & Coping
If you have lost a loved one to Covid, this article published by the American Psychological Association provides tools and strategies for coping with grief.
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Managing Mental Health
Covid-related anxiety and stress are increasingly common, regardless of whether you have tested positive. This interview by Dr. Lynn Bufka of APA provides tools for better functioning.
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APA Information & Resources
The American Psychological Association has a host of Covid-related information and resources. To access it, click the link below.
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Positive Stories
With the incessant bombardment of Covid-related news, reading stories of Covid survivors can instill hope. The Govt of India has curated these stories on its website.
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Visual Inattention
This resource, written by the late Dr. Melanie George, former consultant neuropsychologist in the UK National Health Service, gives advice and tips for dealing with visual inattention following brain injury.  
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Mental Health Resources
HealthLine provides a host of resources for mental health during Covid such as anxiety, depression, restlessness, sleeplessness, and more.
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Post-Covid Recovery Support
This resource by the UK National Health Services helps survivors of Covid understand the effects the virus has had on the body and mind. It provides tools that are helpful for recovery.
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Gandhian Ways of Living Manual
An insightful manual on living a fruitful life
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Voice Assistant Guides
For brain injury and dementia patients, written by Narinder Kapur of University College London, are now available in print or electronic download on Amazon.
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