Gandhi-Elizabeth Tech Rehab Fund

If your clinical practice involves the rehabilitation of patients with neuropsychological problems who may benefit from assistive technology, such as a smartphone, smartwatch, voice assistant, etc, you may apply to a new tech rehab fund being offered by the COVID Rehab Centre in Bangalore ( The fund has been set up by Prof Narinder Kapur, University College London, UK to support the use of technology in neurorehabilitation in India.

The fund is named after two respected icons in India and the UK – Mahatma Gandhi and Queen Elizabeth II – and is called the Gandhi-Elizabeth Tech Rehab Fund.

To be considered, please submit your applications with a proposal outlining your case. Not more than 1000 words. We expect applications to be in the region of Rs10,000-30,000 (£100-£300).

Proposals to the Gandhi-Elizabeth Tech Rehab Fund should have the following information:

  1. Some background information and rationale for using a particular technology for the patient in question
  2. Clear timeline from start to completion of the rehab intervention
  3. Good methodology and design such that the case could ideally be written up as a single case-study
  4. Have the proposal signed off by your Head of Department / senior colleague 

Please send proposals to:

If you wish to make a donation to the fund, press the ‘Donate Now’ option at the top, and, on the Donate Page choose ‘Technology for Neuro Rehab’ from one of the two options.

You can learn more about the Gandhi-Elizabeth Tech Rehab Fund here.

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